24 July 2009

2 babies??

[caption id="attachment_144" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Which one is ours?"]Which one is ours?[/caption]

Wooo.. how can we have 2 babies?? No no.. not both are ours... *phew* Can't imagine if we're having 2 babies at the same time! It's amazing how can twins' parents cope.. kekeekek... Come on, make a guess.. which one is ours?? =p

More updates on Savio: lately he loves to stand on his feet! Getting more stable each day.. which is very good of course.. =)  And 2 nights ago, he kept waking up from 1-4am! *sigh* so pi and me can't sleep that night... and that "forced" me to take half day leave to sleep.. and poor pi now is still on mc..  but luckily these 2 nights Savio doesn't wake up at all.. heheheee..

Uhm just another note.. I found someone at the forum selling these cute clothes..

 Baby bee

Auwww isn't that sooo cute?? I really want to take photo of vio in this kind of cute clothes.. but the price is... $30SGD.. wow.. so ex lor.. especially it'll only be used for photoshoot.. confirm can't let him wear this kind of clothes daily right? lol..


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