27 January 2011

First Sprain

Ouch! Vio has had his first sprain!

It was first noticeable on midnight. Every 1-2 hours, he'll wake up from his sleep, crying and screaming.. Didn't want milk and didn't let us touch his left arm. Poor boy.. He didn't get enough sleep that night coz he kept waking up thru the night. Oh.. and he didn't seem to want to move his left arm. It's just hanging near to his body, and we can't touch it. He also had a slight fever..

The next morning, he's back to his normal cheerful self (seems like he didn't remember the bad last night's sleep). He's still using his left arm for simple task (carry something light, take something that he wants).. But when it comes to climbing to bed, and carry or do heavier stuff, he didn't seem to want to use his left arm. And he also pointed to his left wrist and say "painful"...

So we brought him to the doctor. The normal paediatrician that we went to wasn't opened that day. Luckily there's another clinic called "Kinderclinic" near to his normal paediatrician. Though the name is Kinderclinic, the doctor is actually a GP. He's a friendly Indian doctor (and seems like all of the patients are Indians too!). I had expected Vio to be crying out loud when the doctor wants to check on him. Vio normally hates strangers to touch him... But surprise surprise! Vio was very calm that day! He let the doctor take his temperature, check on his body, press his arms here and there to see where's the sprain.. And he just sat there obediently. But he did almost cry coz it's a bit painful.

The doctor said it's not serious.. A bit of something that's a little bit dislocated in the elbow area (and seems like already put back to normal by the doctor). And Vio can still lift and spin his hand to all directions like normal. It will recover by itself.

Phew.. that's such a good news to hear. Hope that he'll be back to normal soon. But in the meantime, there's no playing in the playground for Vio..


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