17 January 2011

Week 26 - Small Bump?

Well, everybody's been commenting how small my bump looks for someone who's 6 months pregnant.. So I'm kinda feeling a bit low-esteem.. And also kinda "scared" that I don't gain enough... So at times I'll actually "force" myself to eat something, though I'm not really hungry, and maybe it can make my bump looks a bit bigger? Haha..

For this pregnancy, I don't really fancy eating. Nothing seems to be interesting for me to eat.. (Unlike last time, when everything seems so good to eat). Now I eat just because I have to eat, not because I want to eat..

Anyway... I just went for a check-up, and apparently I'm gaining enough! Even the gynae said it's more than enough. And the baby's now weighing a little bit more than 1 kg.. Wow that's fast.... The gynae commented that if the baby keeps growing this fast, she might be born bigger than Vio.. oops.. Ah, on the positive side, that shows that bump size is not important, isn't it? :D As long as the baby's growing healthy and steadily..

[caption id="attachment_1983" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Week 26"]Week 26[/caption]

Hm... Not sure if you can catch a glimpse of the baby in the ultrasound pic above?? (Hint: it's in the top left, and showing one of the eyes, nose, and mouth). It's actually not as nice as the pic I saw on the day itself. We saw the baby's sleeping, with mouth a little bit opened. And the way she opened the mouth, it's just like Vio while sleeping! So cuteee.. Maybe they'll have the same mouth shape? Heheheee...

3 more months to go! (Wow, that's kinda soon... And I haven't really bought anything for her! Should start shopping soon..)


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