13 January 2011

Vio's 2nd Week of School

Just an update on how Vio is doing on his 2nd week of school.. This week, the parents/caretakers can no longer accompany the kids in the class. They would have to wait outside the class.

Yesterday I happened to be on MC. So I decided to send Vio to the playgroup while on the way to see the doctor. And how did it go?

Nearing the school, Vio start to pull my pants and drag me further, crying "Don't want sekolah... don't want sekolah.."  Oops, yeah he likes to mix languages now... In the end I had to carry him (while he's crying and struggling) inside the door, and sit there for a while accompanying him reading a book (with ball picture inside. Lucky thing he instantly stopped crying after looking at ball picture). But everytime I ask whether he wants to go inside the classroom, he'll grab me tight and say "don't want"...

And then all the kids go to the classroom one by one (some are crying and some are not), and the teacher came to get Vio, and "WAAAAAAAAAA..." he struggled and cried sooo loud.. Makes me feel rather worried... But amazingly, once inside the classroom, his cry instantly stopped and he was busy playing the toys.. Forgetting all about mommy :p  Well, I hope it's a good sign....

And the teacher mentioned that the day before, Vio was doing ok (not crying much while going to school)... Maybe it's because I'm the one sending him to school, he cried louder? Hmmm... Hopefully the crying session will be over soon, and Vio can joyfully go to the class all by himself..


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