01 February 2011

Very WET Weekend

It was raining almost non-stop the whole weekend! First time I'm experiencing an almost non-stop rain in Singapore for 2 days and 2 nights.. Tsk! And because of the weather, Vio was having runny nose and cough... Sigh... I hope he's getting better soon!

Luckily, on Saturday morning (before the rain starts), we brought Vio out to IKEA! Yeah it's one of his favorite place, coz we'd let him touch almost everything, opening and closing of the drawers, boxes, almost anything that he can see there. And this visit, he particularly likes this wooden push cart (similar to the plastic one he has at home), and he brings it along to all the room we visited.. He even insisted to open a brand new one (even though he was already playing with the opened sample).

And he also loves to climb on almost every chair he sees. There's a big rocking chair that he likes. He'll rock back and forth (and enjoying every moment of it). Now we also see that there's a mini version of Poang armchair that we have at home! Wow.. it's so cute.. and just nice size for Vio.. if only my home is big big biggggg.. then we can get him that chair... He'll look so cute sitting side by side with daddy on the same chair with different size.. LOL...

Here's a photo of Vio, posing on one of the chair (just a random chair that he wants to try... Not any of the above mentioned chair)..

[caption id="attachment_2007" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Sitting on $700++ chair!"]Sitting on $700++ chair![/caption]

I planned to buy some boxes for organizing DVDs at home (it's just so damn messy!) and also a shadow box to decorate... But when we're about to go to level 1 to collect the stuff and pay, suddenly Vio was very sleepy and almost fall asleep while Daddy was carrying him! So in the end we went home early (without buying those things)... Seems like Vio can't wait to sleep.. He must be very tired from all excitement of running around freely in IKEA, and also added with his body wasn't so fit coz of the runny nose...


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