11 November 2010


Ahem... obviously... Hahahahaaa... (I'd been worried if he's not..)

He has 16 teeth now. Wow, 4 more big molars to go, and his milk teeth will be completed! They all just came so fast one after the other after weeks (or months) of no additional new teeth..

And the last time we measured Vio's height, it's 90cm! Not sure how reliable the measurement is, since Vio kept moving around, wanting to "help" us in the measurement process. But if it's right, by right we should've started paying for his MRT and Bus fare.. and he's not even 2 years old yet! Ah well, I guess I'll just wait until the person in MRT really inform us that Vio need to pay the fare.. hoho..

And.. as part of the growing process... he's finally showing signs of how his long-beloved Crocs shoe is getting too small for him. If he's sitting down in the stroller, or anywhere at all, he'll take off his own shoes. It's like he can't stand wearing the shoes for too long!

We have actually bought a new pair of shoes for him in Jakarta, but being a kiasu parent, we bought it too big. Well, so can use for longer time mah... *blink blink* and somemore it has ball picture on it.. I hope he can start using it soon (and not trip/stumbled coz it's too big for him).

In the meanwhile, suddenly I remember that Vio also has this new sport shoe, a souvenir from Opa and Oma from their last trip to China, and yes, this shoe was biiiiigggg too. Way too big for him, but Vio seems to love it.

[caption id="attachment_1791" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Check Out My New Sport Shoe!"]Check Out My New Sport Shoe![/caption]

And he was so happy to see Daddy wearing similar kind of shoe as him..

[caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Look, Daddy! Our shoes look similar!"]Look, Daddy! Our shoes look similar![/caption]

And.. is it just my feeling or Vio does get a little bit chubbier?? I think so! His appetite seems to increase lately, well at least it's much better than last time (when he only eat 0-5 spoon for each meal). But he sure is getting heavier lately! I'm guessing he's around 12.5 kg (or more) now..


ira said...

Vio is so tall! Time to re-adjust budget for public transport, mama?

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