03 June 2010

An Eventful Weekend

Last weekend was an eventful long weekend! Friday was a public holiday. Early Friday morning, we brought Vio to swim in Jurong East Swimming Complex. As usual, he's excited to play with lots and lots and lots of water.. But this time, we didn't let him play for too long.. Scared he catch fever again.. :p

Reached home again about 10am. Wow can you believe it's only 10am, and we felt like it's already afternoon? (Waking up early during weekend really does make your day seems longer :p  ). We spent the afternoon taking out all things from our super-messy storeroom, choosing those to throw away, or to donate to Salvation army, or to keep. And now, we proudly say that our storeroom is tidy! (well, temporarily, at least.. LOL). We also sorted out old clothes to donate to our maid or Salvation army.

Friday evening, we went out to cycle (with our new bicycles!) in Jurong Lake Park.. :)

On Saturday, our plan was to bring Vio to a playground (first time ever in Singapore) --> going to a real playground, that is, not those HDB ones. I decided to try out Fidgets at Turf City. Mostly because the review was quite good, the place was spacious and have separate babies and toddlers area, and it's not as expensive as some others.

We'd all thought that Vio will be soooo excited to see the playground and will climb here and there, play with all the balls, etc. Well, he did get excited... with the balls......

[caption id="attachment_1339" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Wow so many balls.."]Wow so many balls..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1340" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Let me grab that ball.."]Let me grab that ball..[/caption]

... but then, that's about it. He didn't seem to be interested in climbing the structure. We managed to ask him to climb twice, but after that, he refused to climb again. I think he's a bit scared because the place was quite small. Maybe he's scared that his head will bump into the structure or something... Actually he's quite tall, so his head really almost bump the structure..

[caption id="attachment_1341" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Say hi to Daddy!"]Say hi to Daddy![/caption]

Kinda feel sad to see all other kids are so excited to climb the structures and play with the slides, and Vio is only interested with balls.. Well, balls he always plays at home every day and night.. I wonder whether is it because we didn't bring him to this kind of thing often, so he didn't know the fun of it yet? But he goes to those HDB playground everyday.. Or maybe he feels nervous to see so many kids playing and running around in a new place. I hope next time will be better..

[caption id="attachment_1342" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Balls balls balls and more balls"]Balls balls balls and more balls[/caption]

Well, at least he's happy to play with the balls (because the balls flows endlessly. No matter how much he throws around, he'll still have many many balls around him).

[caption id="attachment_1343" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="This is kinda fun too.."]This is kinda fun too..[/caption]

Inside, they also have 3 Little Tikes Coupe. Wow I've always wanted to take photo of Vio in it.. hehehe.. But once a kid got on hold of it, they will play with it for veryyyyy long... and once they step out. another kids (that has been queuing) will ride in in the matter of seconds. At one moment, I suddenly noticed that one of the "car" was empty! Wow that's sooo rare... So I quickly put Vio inside the car. It's not the coupe (coupe is with cover), but nvm. Better than nothing! :) Vio enjoys playing with the steering wheel, but he doesn't seem to know yet that he can use his legs to move the car around.. hehehe.. nvm, mommy helped push him around.. :)

[caption id="attachment_1344" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Behind the Wheel"]Behind the Wheel[/caption]

After Fidgets, we went to have dinner at Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant in Coronation Plaza. I found this resto in the internet, and the review was verrryy good. And since we're already in Bukit Timah area, might as well have dinner there.

We reached the restaurant about 6pm, and... there was no guest... We were wondering why.. I thought the restaurant will be crowded (with the good review and all). But apparently, that's because the restaurant was just opened at 6pm for dinner.. Hahaa.. so we were the first guests.

The service was gooood (and they didn't charge service charge!), and the food was delicious!!! It really was! Didn't feel like we eat vegetarian food. It was tasty, with generous servings, and it just tastes very nice. I think it might be the best vegetarian food I've tried so far in Singapore. We ordered cold dish appetizer (which consists of mock fishball and mock duck), sapo tofu, spare ribs, and green vegetable. Ooohh.. the cold dish appetizer and spare ribs is verrry nice.. And for the rice, we ordered ginger rice, and it tastes similar like chicken rice..

As a proof of how nice it was, Vio can't stop opening his mouth whenever food is offered to his mouth. He even asked us to feed him again and again, and tried to take the fishball/duck meat and feed himself.. Wow he must've loved it so much... He can sit still throughout the dinner and even eat with us from start to finish.. It's quite amazing, considering he normally can only last in baby chair for few minutes.. LOL.. Amazingly, I felt the restaurant didn't use many MSG. I didn't feel so thirsty after the meal. Hmm.. I wonder what's their secret recipe was... But we had a good experience dining there and will certainly return again one day ;) (mostly coz pi's mum is a vegetarian and she also said that the food was very nice)

Before going home, we went for a while to the NTUC at coronation plaza. Usually when we go to NTUC, Vio will be "confined" to the stroller. This time, we let him run around, and you know what? He looks more excited than when he's in Fidgets... -_-

Oh no... it was already Sunday.. we didn't go out in the morning.. Just spent the day with Vio. We went to evening mass at St Mary, but we purposely went out earlier, coz.... I wanted to try Udders ice cream in West Mall.. Hahahaa.. OK I've wanted to try it for more than 1 year already I think, but I always forget.. Just so happen that on Sunday I suddenly remember about it. Actually I wanted to try their Liqueur range, but with Vio tagging along, he'd cry rolling on the floor if we don't let him taste our ice cream.. LOL.. So, in the end we bought the "ChocMarsh", which is Chocolate with Marshmallows.. It was NICE! On the first bite, Vio was frowning. But after that, he asked for it again and again. And impatiently staring while mommy and daddy eating the ice cream.. then he'd try to pull the ice cream towards his mouth so he can eat too.. ahahaa... so young already know nice nice stuff :p


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