02 November 2011

On My Bike

One of vio's fave toy now is his bike! We got him a new bike sometime.back, and he utilise it to the fullest :p

He especially like uneven surfaces, such as from kitchen to dining room, the floor is not of the same height. So he purposely go back and forth with his bike in that area. No surprise that the back wheels now looks like its going to come off one day in the not so far future..

He also love to do acrobatic moves on his bike. At first it was scary to see him do that! But now since he seems to do it everyday, I close one eye liao :p

And he's so proud of being able to do that, he'll say proudly: mommy, you see! You see! Haha.. somehow I feel that its one of his way to get our attention, now that he's no longer the single super star in the house.

And just few days back, when he was playing bike, suddenly I heard a loud sound. The bike has fallen! I quickly went to him, thinking that he's going to cry loudly. But you know what? He was actually posing on the floor! So he purposely fall down from the bike! -_-
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