23 November 2011

I {Heart} Solid Food

Very very (super) belated post.. Haha... My apology.. As I've been very busy with my new "shop", I almost have no time for writing blog :p You can find the link to my newly reopened Etsy shop in the sidebar! (I will link it soon after writing this post.. :D )

When Caitlyn was exactly 6 months old, we gave her a taste of her first solid food. It's been a while since she shows high interest in what we eat (she looks like she wanna eat what we eat too). So she was super happy to see that we bring a bowl and spoon for her.

What was served? It was Rice Cereal from Happy Baby! (Though sadly, apparently 2 days before, she was already served Nestle Brown Rice Cereal by my MIL). But since I wasn't at home that day, there's no photo of her eating her first ever solid food.. hiks..)

And how was it? OK I should say that she LOOOOOOOOVE it so much that she wanna eat the spoon and the bowl as well!

And that was the story of... more than a month ago.. LOL.. ever since, we've introduced many food for her, and she seems to like all of them (especially fruits): apple, pear, papaya, carrot, brocolli, spinach, asparagus, honeydew, avocado, banana.. hmm that's all that I can remember as of now.. But I'm sure there are somemore that I haven't mentioned..

Anyway, she loves eating much much more than drinking milk :( Yeah when she see milk bottle, she can cry liao... haiz.... this baby doesn't like to drink milk... so we put more milk in her cereal... hopefully it's enough for her..

A side note: when she saw the food is ready for her in her bowl, she'll make a noise and look like almost cry, because she can't wait to eat! Tsk! This is one impatient baby :p


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