23 November 2011

Caitlyn 7 Months

At 7 months old, Caitlyn can sit steadily by herself. She can even lean forward to grab something and sit back straight again to "admire" her new findings. She also looks like she wants to crawl! She can lift her body and "stand" on all 4 (arms and legs). And amazingly, she can move backwards!

Her legs are also quite strong, can support her body weight. And just as last month, she still enjoys jumping a lot... which is why... we finally bought her a Jumperoo few weeks back!

Yeah it's kind of late I know... But when we brought her to try out Jumperoo in the shops in 3 different times, she loves it a lot! She kept jumping and jumping and smiling. Felt very happy to see her smiling :)

Though after few weeks of having jumperoo at home, she seems to start getting bored of it.. oh no! Maybe she has spent too long time in it and being "ignored" by other people? (i.e. noone play with her when she's in it).. Well I guess so :( But anyway, she has had great time with the jumperoo and that's the most important thing yeah? ;)

Oh.. not forgetting the big brother.. here's a pose of Caitlyn and Savio together!


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