22 October 2011

Vio's First Performance

Actually I should say.... It should've been Vio's first performance..

We were all so excited about Vio going to perform with her schoolmates in Taman Jurong Children's Day celebration that's held in front of his school. Other branches of Apple Tree don't have such performance!

On the day of the performance, we brought Vio to his school (it was a Saturday). He didn't seem to know what a performance is. All the kids were served McDonald's and Vio enjoyed it.

After rehearsing, it was time for the kids to perform! Surprisingly there were a LOT of audience. I thought there won't be many ppl there... But even one of the minister came as guest of honor!

All of Vio's schoolmates were lined up nicely, ready to go to stage. All, except Vio.... He was so scared to see such a crowd and kept crying when we ask him to stand with his schoolmates... So in the end, everybody perform except Vio... sigh sigh... I was sooooo hoping that I can see him sing and dance with his schoolmates... It was very cuteeee...

Anyway... Vio is the youngest among his schoolmates.. so perhaps it's normal that he feels more scared than the rest... Here's Vio perfoming happily at home that very night. It should've been what he performed on the stage. Enjoy! =)


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