18 January 2010

More on Walking.. and Jap Food!

How do you define whether a baby can walk? When he can walk few steps unassisted, or if he can walk well?

Yesterday (Sunday), we brought Vio to the playground near our place, and as the playground area are covered with quite soft "carpet", we let Vio practise on his walking. Anyway if he fall down, it won't be as painful as falling down on the floor..

And.. guess what? His walking skill has improved! He can walk 7 steps unassisted before losing his balance! Wow... We're quite excited and impressed! Previously he can only walk 3-steps before losing balance. Apart from the excitement, I kinda regret not bringing camera to record this moment! Such an important moment but I didn't capture it! Nvm nvm, I hope there will be another chance ;)

And I also hope it means that he'll walk well soon...

Oh oh, now he can also pull himself up from sitting to standing position (without any help from anyone or any object).. Yay! Clap clap clap!! He's doing it most of the time without realizing it (as in, he's busy holding on to a small toy or even dancing!) If we ask him to do it, he'll find something to hold on to before standing.. He's just not feeling confident about it yet..

On the same day, we also brought Vio and my MIL to Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant. Hmm.. actually, it's to bring my MIL to "taste" outside food once in a while, and also to fulfill pi's promise to me (during my pregnancy period) that he'll bring me to that restaurant again once I give birth coz I loooovee their unagi sushi so much.. Yeah I had wanted to eat it when I was pregnant, but sadly, sushi is 1 of the "banned" things during pregnancy... :(  And.. woah, that makes the "promise" to be overdued by 1 year!!

We ordered inari sushi & cold noodle (for my MIL), agedashi tofu (for Vio), and unagi sushi & kotobuki beef steak (for pi and me).. Everything was yummy yummy, except.. the cold noodle.. Apparently it's tasteless.. kinda feel guilty that I recommended it for my MIL, as I thought it's uniquely Japan.. Well, where else can you get cold noodle in? I've never actually tried it myself before.. sigh.. nvm nvm, consider it as tasting something new!

[caption id="attachment_974" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My First Sushi Experience"]My First Sushi Experience[/caption]

Vio, as usual, was very fussy. He just can't sit still! He's getting bored very fast nowadays. Apart from the fussiness, he loves the agedashi tofu and inari sushi we're giving him. (I hope his stomach can take the sushi!). We're also giving him watermelon (using a fork) and he loves it.

The cute thing was, when pi wasn't looking, suddenly Vio snatch the fork (with watermelon stick on it) and tries to feed himself! Waaa.. that was so cuteee.. He's getting smarter.. And when we give him chopsticks to play, he wanted to imitate the adults too: trying to take the sushi using the chopsticks! Kekkeee.. that was cute too.. Guess it's time to start teaching him how to use fork & spoon to feed himself ;)


a0z0ra said...

Na.. tmn gw use a portable DVD player playing educational movies to get their baby sit still while they're eating.. downside of this is that the baby will get used to electronic stimulation lol

ourlittleblessing said...

wah nanti babynya jadi kebiasaan nonton ga tuh hihihi

Anna said...

Cold noodle is supposed to be a bit tasteless :)

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