05 January 2010

Back to Reality

We're back!! (Sadly)... Holidays always end fast, don't you agree? ;)

We had a great time in Jakarta! We ate lots of nice nice food, which includes dim-sum, Siomay Bandung, fried chicken with its "kremes" which is very very nice, various Chinese restaurants, pempek, and also not forgetting.. my favourite fried rice: nasi goreng tek-tek! Hoho.. can't get that in Singapore!

We also held Savio's first Birthday Party! Yay... But the details will be in other post, otherwise this post will be too long.. and anyway, most of the photos are still in my camera.

We took Air Asia flight. Our going plane to Jakarta was delayed for about 30-45 minutes. We were already seated nicely on the plane, and the plane started going, and I remember saying to pi, praising Air Asia that it's on time! Then there was an announcement that the plane is going to be delayed.. Aiyo... 30 - 45 minutes feel muuuuch longer with a baby around... Halfway thru the flight, Savio was already very very bored to sit still, he kept crying and crying and not interested in all of his toys. He'll only be quiet when we brought him walk around! *sigh* and it was such a small plane, so it's difficult to walk around. I felt so relieved when the plane (finally) landed in Jakarta.

Overall he has no problem adapting to new environment. In fact, he's eating really well! (Maybe coz I gave him adult food which tasted nicer than baby food). But it was quite difficult to make him sleep in afternoon time. Most of the time he'll nap in the car, while we're on the way.

And the mosquitos in Jakarta seems to love Vio very much, they kept biting him!! He now has lots lots lots of mosquito bites, especially in his face and hand. I think in the face alone, he has about 10 bites, all with big red spot.. So poor thing.. Must be so itchy, coz he kept wanting to scratch the bites. But luckily, he doesn't know that he can scratch using his nails, so now he's scratching using the back of his hand, which is good... Well of course I did apply many anti mosquito lotion for him, but seems like it's not effective enough :(

Luckily on the plane going back to Singapore, he's not cranky. When the plane was about to land, he was falling asleep! Which is good... hehe..

There are many other stories to tell, but I'll write in in separate post. Just to show a photo of us in Mall Kelapa Gading, one of the mall in Jakarta:

[caption id="attachment_926" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="@ MKG"]@ MKG[/caption]


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welcome back nananana.. cant wait to read your new posts hehe :)

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