15 January 2010

12 months and not walking?

While some babies that are same age as Vio (or even smaller!) has started walking, Vio can't walk yet.. How I envy those whose babies already walking.. I'm wondering when will Vio start walking? Well of course I know "every babies develop at different pace", but when you heard your friends, whose baby are only few days apart from Vio, or even younger than Vio, said that their baby is walking now, surely you can't stop that feeling of envy and wonder when will urs join the walking club, right? ;)

[caption id="attachment_970" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I'm standing!"]I'm standing![/caption]

Well Vio can stand without support now, as in he doesn't need to hold on to things to keep him stable while standing. But so far we haven't seen him standing up from sitting position without holding on to something.. Hopefully that will be soon!

[caption id="attachment_971" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Action while standing"]Action while standing[/caption]

But one possibility is that.. Vio is taller than other babies, so more difficult for him to "keep stable" while standing? wahahaha... yeah yeah i sound like i'm looking for excuses.. haha..

If he's on standing position then we move his toys away so that he walks toward the toys, he chose to sit down and crawl towards the toys, then stand again... *sigh*  I'm just wondering whether we're being toooo protective to him? So far, someone will always keep watch at him, 24 hours a day. If he lose balance a bit, we all will protect him so that he doesn't fall down. Well, in a way it's good, but at the other side, I'm just wondering whether we're a little too protective here?

And yesterday night, I was walking around the house with Vio, holding him only with 1 hand.  He can walk quite well with 1 hand hold, but at times he just want to walk fast so he will almost lose balance, but so far he's not falling (yet). When seeing that I'm holding him with 1 hand only, my MIL and FIL was saying: "no no.. he can't walk like that yet.." And i was like.. -_-  If we always keep holding both of his hands, when will he learn to stabilize himself while walking? Won't he keep relying on us to keep him stable?


lieyung said...

Ha ha yearning for him walking ar ;) Don't worry, he will be soon walking on his own before your eyes ;)

ourlittleblessing said...

wah... is natalie walking now?

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