07 January 2010


Savio had fun playing with his cousins during our visit to Jakarta. He met Koko Marcell before, when he came to Singapore, May 2009. But this time it's his first time seeing Cici Cheryll!

[caption id="attachment_944" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Marcell & Cheryll"]Marcell & Cheryll[/caption]

Marcell is 5 years old now, and Cheryll is 2 years old. So they're bigger than Vio for 4 years and 1 year respectively.

Cheryll was just soooooo cute.. When she see Vio holding on to something or riding something, she'll scream: "Mauuuuuuu...!!!" She wants to do/ride the same thing!! It includes the high chair that was too small for her already. When she saw Vio sit on the high chair, she insisted that she want to sit at a high chair too, so my sister took out the old high chair that was way too small for her already, but hey, she was happy!

And when she saw Vio is in a walker,  she screamed again: "Mauuuuuuu.. !!" Obviously she has passed the walker stage, she can walk already! And actually, last time she didn't even like the walker!

Also when she see Opa (my dad) is carrying Vio, she'll stretch out her hands, want to be carried by Opa too, where normally whenever Opa wants to carry her, she doesn't want! Hahaaa.. isn't that cutee!

[caption id="attachment_945" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cute Cheryll"]Cute Cheryll[/caption]

Marcell and Cheryll also have amazingly many many many toys, some of which were borrowed by Vio during our stay there. Marcell has an amazing collection of trucks. He really is a big big fan of trucks, he wants to be a truck driver when he grows up! Hahaa... and he knows a lot about trucks for a 5 year old.. He can tell (even before looking at the brand): what brand the truck is (Volvo/Daihatsu/etc etc), how many wheels, what type of truck it is, whether the truck has ban serep, wow.. amazing hor? And he can draw truck and aircon very well too.. very detailed! Not like a 5 year old drawing..

Anyway, here is a photo of Vio with his cousins..

[caption id="attachment_946" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="We're Cousins!"]We're Cousins![/caption]

I hope one day Vio can meet his other 3 cousins..


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