09 June 2009

Playing with hands

Last night Savio was busy playing with his hands, i.e. open and close, open and close, and watching it in amazement. How cute is that!

Today lunch time, I went to Kiddy Palace (again) to buy blanket for Savio. Because the blanket he's using at home is fleece blanket. It's super hot since no air can come thru. Andd.. I caught him 2 times having his head caught UNDER the blanket. so scary! Lucky thing he keeps making some noise. I'm sure there's no air under the blanket. Until now, if I remember when I found his head under the blanket, I still feel so scared. I'm scared he can't breathe and we dunno about it! Especially since he's an "acrobatic" sleeper. He can somehow turn his body 180 degrees when he sleep.

So decided to buy him a new blanket. I was standing there choosing blanket for verrrry long. As usual, I can't make up my mind which one to buy. Initially I was thinking to buy thermal blanket. But this has got some "holes" in it, so I'm not sure whether it'll be warming enough. And somemore it's not so smooth to the skin. Finally I ask another mummy there who was also choosing blanket. And she pointed out that the blanket from Babysafe would be better, coz the blanket with "holes" are supposed to be for fan only as it's quite cooling.. heheee.. I dunno how true.. but anyway I finally bought the babysafe one.. I hope vio will feel comfortable in it :)


dorcasyhj said...

I also gotten the "hole" blanket for my 2 girlies.
I got them from MotherCare.
They comes in 2 sizes if i am not wrong or was it 3, and 2 colours.
Quite good, especially when i don have an air con in the room except for fans.
They are pretty good for air condition areas too, just got to make sure the baby is wearing sock or wearing those long pant with the feet coverage.

Dont get too worry about the being cold, as their temp will usually be higher then us. Their bodies are warmer.

ourlittleblessing said...

hi dorcas, i should've asked u before i bought then.. heee.. thanks a lot for the info!

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