17 June 2009

5 months - Curious

I just finished an LO last night for Vio's 5 months milestones!

[caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Curious"]Curious[/caption]

During Savio's 5 months, he exceptionally likes to try eating his foot! Just look at the photos. Very acrobatic hor? :D  I tried to do the same thing too, but I can't! hahaa..

Last night I was very high-spirited. I almost complete 1 more LO! But no time to complete it yet... And I foresee I won't be able to finish it in this 1 week, coz tonight pi's relative will come for a visit, and they'll stay at our study room.. which means that I can't scrap for a week.. sob sob..

Oh.. lately Vio likes to shake shake his head left and right left and right. I wonder why he likes to do that? Maybe it's just a new-found thing for him :D


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