11 June 2009


We just went to the PD last night since it's time for Vio's developmental assessment and injection. Vio weighs 8.3kg now! Wow isn't that fast?? He cried a bit during the injection, but not as loud as the previous one! The previous injection he was screaming like mad!

We also asked the doc about his unusuall crankiness (esp during night time when he wants to sleep, he can cry until dunno like what liao) and the red rashes he has at his back and neck. What we initially thought as prickly heat turns out to be ECZEMA.. doc said it's coz of vio has sensitive skin, which is hereditary, since both pi and i are having sensitive skin. Pi has even got eczema before! So doc asked us to change the body wash we're using, and also apply some medication on the affected area. And I thought sebamed (the brand vio is using now) is suitable for sensitive skin.. I hope vio will recover soon. I feel hurt everytime i see the red rashes on his body. It must be very itchy and he can't do anything about it :(


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