08 June 2009

Opa & Oma going home :(

Can't believe how fast 1 week has passed. My parents have to go home liao.. They went home last night. Yesterday we went to Chinatown for shopping, and finally managed to find this Buddha Tooth Relic Temple that my brother has wanted to see since his last visit to SG. I've never even heard of it before he mentioned it! We look through the map but somehow can't find the place. Finally we asked someone manning a stall, only then we managed to find the place! We took some photos there and go home..

My parents say that Savio is very active and likes to smile. He also likes Koko Marcell very much! There was 1 night before bedtime that they play together. Marcell pretends to be  a frog that keeps jumping with frog sound: "kroooooook krok krok". Savio was laughing out loud. I've never seen him laughing THAT loud before.. hahaa..

[caption id="attachment_72" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Vio & Koko Marcell posing together"]Vio & Koko Marcell posing together[/caption]


dorcasyhj said...

sounds like Savio had a blast of time with his krok krok Marcell =)

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