12 October 2011

Staycation @ Sentosa!

We're just back from our holiday at Sentosa! Well... We can't really go travelling this year, so going to Sentosa is better than nothing, eh? ;)

We booked a 3D2N package at Resorts World Sentosa that comes with Voyage de La Vie and Universal Studio tickets. We chose Festive Hotel because it is mentioned to be suitable for families, and it comes with a king size bed, a sofa bed that's convertible to a queen size bed, AND a bunk bed. Wow, that's a lot of space to sleep! And just perfect for us! So we brought our maid along too, that makes it 4 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 baby sleeping in 1 room.. :p

Day 1

We arrived at Sentosa around 12pm, earlier than the check-in time at 3pm. So we walked around the hotel and had our lunch first while waiting for our room.

We got our room at 2pm. According to the internet, the mattress is Simmons. Well, I'm quite curious as to how comfy it is. You know what? Once we put Caitlyn on the bed, she was soooooo super happy she kept laughing and smiling! LOL! She really knows good quality mattress, ya? :p

We got a room on Level 3, the same level as the swimming pool (we got nice swimming pool view from our room window). And Vio (as usual) refused to take afternoon nap. He wanna go swimming instead. So he went for swimming with nai2 while Caitlyn had her afternoon nap.

When it was time for him to stop swimming (so that we can prepare to go to watch Voyage de La Vie), he refused! He was soooo excited to go swimming that he doesn't want to stop! Well, we haven't brought him swimming for very very long...

In the end, he stop swimming just minutes before the show starts. So he went with us to watch the show without bathe! Oops.. Luckily he didn't show any signs of itchiness :p Haha..

When the show starts, it was quite loud. Vio was already prepared to close his ears when it gets too loud. Minutes after the show starts, there's a small fireworks and loud loud loud thunder sounds, and Vio was suuuuuuuper scared inside. He kept screaming for us to bring him out! Sigh.... So we finally brought him out of the theatre. Luckily there's a TV outside showing the show, so pi & I took turns to watch the show while Vio is playing with another little boy that's scared of the show too. But watching the real thing and watching it from TV is totally different experience. When we're watching the real thing, it feels very very nice... while from TV, well... it feels just like watching any other show :p

Going back to the hotel from watching the show, Vio was rather tired. And Caitlyn was already sleepy too. So we slept early at around 8 pm. Can't really do anything after they both asleep, because Caitlyn wants the room to be dark when she's sleeping, and the tv was just in front of the bed! And of course we can't go out too, in case Caitlyn's looking for me and cry cry cry :p

Day 2

Our schedule for Day 2 is supposedly quite pack. But sadly, day 2 begins with... rain :( So there's nothing much we can do while it's raining... So we decided to go to Vivocity first to stock up on snacks and buy food for lunch (because eating in Sentosa is simply expensive.. LOL). And as you might have known, Vivocity has LOTS of kiddie rides. So Vio was so happy to ride on countless kiddie rides (since we're there quite early, the shops are not even opened yet. So Vio can enjoy kiddie rides to his heart contents) :p

Going back to Sentosa after the rain stops, our first stop is.. Universal Studio!

Well we went to Universal Studio just to bring Vio and Caitlyn to play and look around. Not that there's plenty of things for them to play.... In fact, Caitlyn can only take the merry go round, and Vio can only take the merry go round AND the treasure hunter, where he rode on a jeep going thru a track, pretending that he's the one driving the jeep.. kekekekee....

Oh yeah.. Caitlyn slept most of the time.. LOL... and Vio was so excited to pose with the many cars displayed in there.. :p

Going back to the hotel, Vio (again) refused to take an afternoon nap. So we went to... swimming again!

And followed by watching animals & bird encounters and going to the beach area in Sentosa. Vio didn't wanna go near the beach as he dislike the feeling of sand on his foot. He's a little boy that love cleanliness.. :D

We slept early at 6:30pm because both Caitlyn and Vio were asleep by then. Wow, this must be the first holiday we ever had in which we sleep most of the time! LOL!

Day 3

Wah... it was the last day! We went to Hard Rock hotel to swim and play sands. They have really nice swimming pool with white sandy pool side. Really nice for kids to swim and play sand! This time, Caitlyn also joins the fun to swim. It's her first ever swimming session! =)

Caitlyn seemed to be quite ok with swimming (at least not crying or scared)... But we brought her swimming only for 5 minutes... After all, it's her first swimming experience. We didn't want her to catch a cold or something.. Kekekeke...

And for Vio, at first he doesn't wanna step on the sand. But after some time, he wants to play with the sand (building sand castle etc). But when we ask him to swim, he seemed to be scared of the swimming pool.. Hmm.... And I thought that the swimming pool in Hard Rock hotel is much nicer than the one in Festive hotel... It has slides, bridges and all... I wonder why Vio didn't like it :p And before we got a chance to swim in the pool, it was... RAINING again! Sigh.. So.. that's the end of our journey in Sentosa :D


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