18 August 2011

Boy and Girl

Lately Vio likes to say everything in "boy" and "girl" term.

Let's say I was playing with him, and suddenly Caitlyn cry so of course I wanna carry her. Vio will be upset and say "Mommy, dun wan carry baby! Dun wan girl and girl! Is boy and girl!"  (in case you don't understand, what he meant was that's the time for boy and girl (eg: Vio and Mommy), and not girl and girl (eg: Caitlyn and Mommy)

And few days back, daddy was carrying Caitlyn and playing with her. Vio looked so happy he ran to me (I just finished my shower) and say: "Mommy see! Boy and girl! Daddy and Caitlyn! Boy and girl time!" (while pointing to himself and me on the second time he was saying "boy and girl").

Ah yes, lately he seemed so happy if I have the time to play with him. Kinda feel guilty that I don't have much time to play with him lately, though I already tried my best to spend as much time with him. Well, one will never be satisfied ya? ;)

Oh.. Here's Vio, as usual he loves to pose for the camera. And for this shoot, he actually asked us to put on the frog costume on him so we can take his photo in it.. Kekekekee...


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