01 March 2011

School Update

An update of school registration mentioned here.... We didn't get a place for Vio! Sobz.......... Apparently quite a lot registered, and the place is limited... And with our kind of luck.. Well.. I'd said it's not surprising that we didn't manage to get a place... *sigh*  Oh well, maybe it's not meant to be :p

On the other side... Vio seems to like school more now. He no longer say "Don't want school! Don't want school!"  He even walked willingly inside the classroom all by himself.. And there was one day when I send him to school, when he walked to the classroom, there were 2 other kids (already inside) shouting happily: "Saviooooooo..."  And Vio seemed happy! Wow.. He has made friends now! My little baby is really growing up!

And I heard that Vio is the closest with a Malay girl called "Dola". When we mentioned "Dola" to him, he'll laugh and say back again: "Dola" hahaha.. The first time I heard "Dola", I immediately think of "Dolaemon".. haha... *oops*  I hope Vio doesn't call his good friend Dolaemon now!

Correction: Vio's friend's name is actually Nyla, not Dola. Not sure who in the first place mention her name as Dola.. haha..


W said...

Hahaha.. Dolaemon..^@^ jd terharu..

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