17 February 2011

"Vio Want Keys.."

Vio is getting stickier to me lately.. This morning he seemed sad to see me change into working outfit. He keep saying "don't want change.. don't want change.." meaning that he doesn't want me to change.. so he wants me to stay at home with him. As much as I want to, sadly I need to go to work..

Just before I head out to the door, I asked him for a hug and kiss. But this morning he was so busy with his new-found ball (after a night not playing balls) that he simply ignores me... *sigh* so off I go... But when I just went out of the door, Vio suddenly said "Vio want keys..". Then I was like... errrr... why he suddenly want keys? I told him that there are keys inside the house and pointed to the keys. He seemed confused and said to me again: "Vio want keys mommy"...  

Ohhh! It was only then that I realize that what he's trying to say is "Vio want to kiss mommy".. Hohohoho... So happy! So I lower my head, and *muahh* the sweetest kiss ever landed on my cheek. Thank you for making mommy's day, Vio! :)


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