14 September 2010

Building Blocks

Vio likes his Lego building blocks more and more lately. Especially it comes with this little figurine that he dearly calls "uncle". Actually it should've been "koko".. but nvm... now too late already since Vio already refer to the little figurine as "uncle" hahahaa..

He's also getting a little more creative lately. Last time, he would just choose the same size blocks and stack them together to build a high tower, then destroy the tower and rebuild it again. Now, he likes to combine different sizes of blocks to build a tower that looks slightly different :p  Just look at the photo of proud Vio and his creation. Yes, he designed this building by himself, though stacking them together sometimes is with mommy's assistance. But the design is purely Vio's!

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Proud with my building"]Proud with my building[/caption]


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