09 September 2010

Banana & Pregnancy??

I just came across interesting articles on the internet: apparently there's a recent study about correlations between a mother's diet and the gender of the baby she's carrying. Wow, isn't that an interesting topic? When I first heard about it, my first thought was: but i thought it's the man's sperm who determines the baby's gender. How can a mother's diet be part of it? Well, apparently the question was: which sperm actually makes it to the egg. The researcher believes that certain nutrients or eating habits can make women's body to be more hospitable to certain sperm.

So what did the research say? They claim that the women who have boys had:

  • high potassium intakes

  • bigger appetites

  • having breakfast cereal

Now that I think of it, before I was pregnant with Vio, I was:

  • Eating lots of bananas (which is high in potassium). Mostly because it was just the easiest fruit around and we're lazy to buy others

  • I'm always eating more than other normal gals

  • It was a period where we just love to have cereal as our breakfast. Well, it's something considered "new", as we're getting bored with bread as breakfast.

Wow, that's all 3 points mentioned! And yes, Vio is a boy!

Oh oh, I hope the 2nd one will be a girl! I seldom eat banana nowadays, not having breakfast cereal also (but have rice as breakfast instead), and eat generally lesser (coz I feel so sick of the food in SG). Well, well.... we can only wait and see..


w said...

wah pasti kangen makanan indo yah....gurame goreng...nasi padang... hahahaha

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