07 April 2010

Lovin' Balls

No matter how many toys he has, Savio's favourite toys is still... balls...

[caption id="attachment_1158" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I wanna hug u all"]I wanna hug u all[/caption]

Well of course he'll play with other toys too, but after sometime, he'll return to his balls and seems like never get bored playing them!

Since it was already sometime since he last played "Mandi Bola", we decided to let him try it again (inside his old bath-tub) hahahaaa.. Ahem, we have no other bigger place to put all the balls lah... But anyway, he was quite excited! He kept kicking his legs and let the balls jumped out of the tub.. hahaa..

Hmmm... lately we're also trying to think of alternative games to play with Vio. Coz most thing that he can do well rotates around ball, e.g.: spin ball, throw ball, kick ball... Should expose him to other things too... So recently I just bought him a set of washable crayons (hopefully his artistic side will emerge!) and maybe I should get him a few more books to read together...


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