17 April 2010

Going Batam!

Wow it's been a while since I last wrote a post... Work has been reaaaaaaaaalllyyy busy (that's so rare to happen!!) Anyway... last night, pi mentioned that he wants to go to somewhere this weekend, since his night class is finally over (yayyyy..) and our Bali trip seems like always get postponed coz of our busy schedule..

Soooo... today I looked for some short weekend getaways... Not much choices for a 1 night-trip.. It's either Sebana Cove (Desaru)/Batam/Bintan.. And finally, we settled for Batam! (Ahem, coz it's cheaper than Bintan.. what we want now is just a short break.. so don't plan to spend so much.. haha.. Will spend much more on Bali later, hopefully this coming June!)

Everything is sooo rush.. We'll be going tomorrow!! Hope that it's goood... :)

We booked the package from HolidayBagus (that I found in the internet).. Actually didn't really compare packages from many places, as the time is sooo short already (we're going the day after!). Well I think the package was quite good.. Initially we're not sure whether should book Harris Resort or Holiday Inn.. Lots of good reviews on Holiday Inn, but apparently the location is not so good (can't get sea-view and a bit further), and no perks given.. So finally, we booked Harris Resort instead...

Sooo, we paid $264 for 3 adults and 1 infant. Which includes:

  • 1 night stay at Harris Resort (with extra bed)

  • 2 way Ferry, and transfer to and from resort

  • breakfast for 3

  • set lunch/dinner for 3

  • 30 mins bike ride for 2

  • bowling session for 2

Hmm.. quite a good deal, don't you think? ;)  Can't wait for tomorrow! Now, I think I need to find anti sea-sick pills or something.. Just in case I got seasick in the ferry.. LOL..


w said...

T_T mauuu...

yenn said...

wow.. so niceeee... enjoy ur trip ^^

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