27 April 2010

20 First Words - Completed!

Now and Then
Now and Then

 A little while ago, the long-lost Vio's own photo album was found under my bed! I wonder how it can go under my bed in the first place... Anyway, Vio was excited to see his photo album again, and of course, he continued trying to flip it (and also "accidentally" ripped it apart).

Oh just look at that comparison! The photo was taken when he was about 3-4 months old I think.. soooooo chubby..  (as compared to now.. hehee)

Anyway.. lately Vio loves to imitate what the adults are saying.. For example when I say "six", he'll say "sizzzzz"... And with his vocabulary increased day by day, finally Vio's first 20 words is completed! Here goes:

  1. Ball (or Bo-a == bola)

  2. Mamama (mommy)

  3. Dadadada (daddy)

  4. Nanana (nai2)

  5. Jizzzzz (Jesus)

  6. Berrrhh.. (bird)

  7. Pa-po (referring to a chinese song dvd that he likes)

  8. Baaa.. (banana)

  9. Paaa.. (Opa)

  10. Ji taaaaa… (ji tan == egg)

  11. Pecah  (= break)

  12. Jatoh (= fall down)

  13. Daaa.. (da xiang = elephant)

  14. Mammmm.. (eat)

  15. Bobo (=sleep)

  16. Peee… (apple)

  17. Staa (star)

  18. kisss (keys)

  19. peff.. (pooh)

  20. Baa (bus)


kuku said...

please send lots of kissesss..muaach* from me for vio....

oh yah in his age now..becareful with the words we want to say.

soal na di sekolah ada cerita lucu gt... cece nya menciptakan lagu tentang bu guru nya..trus dede nya dengan fasih nyanyiin untuk guru itu...which tentang kejelekan nya...haahahaha

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