07 September 2009

A weekend with relatives

Pi's relative was coming on Saturday, and they just informed us on Friday! Wow quite rush hor.. There are 3 of them coming, in 2 different flights.. 2:40pm and 8:05pm. And since pi got class on Sat morning - afternoon, I went with my MIL to fetch the first batch, and of course we're bringing Vio with us!

Vio was dressed sooo handsomely in a red jumper ( that he used on his first CNY too, but that time was waaaaaaay too big for him ) Btw is it called a jumper?? or is it still considered a romper?

[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Handsome baby"]Handsome baby[/caption]

On the way to the airport Vio was asleep.. and even when we reach airport, he's still sound asleep for a while. But the flight was delayed, so Ku-Nai2 came out around 3:25 pm instead of 2:40 pm. Vio was getting bored while waiting, so he wants to be carried. While waiting, we also met Uncle Budiman who's fetching his parents which happen to be on the same flight. And... Vio was scared of him! Vio was crying when Uncle Budiman wants to play with him.. lol..

And I also accompany pi to fetch the 2nd batch from the airport that evening. Going twice to the airport in 1 day is quite tiring. Somehow I feel like the journey (in the taxi) is waaaay longer during the 2nd time round.

Sunday... we went to Jurong Point for shopping.. bringing Vio with us, but pi was staying at home coz he got assignments due on Monday. During the shopping time, Vio has got 3 new clothes from both Ku-Nai2! Thank u Ku-Nai2! One of the new rompers was the Disney Baby Mickey one which I almost bought for Vio during the Taka Baby Fair last Friday. But since I just bought 2 new PP-Pants for Vio, I decided not to buy it for Vio.. kekekekek..

During the shopping time, Vio also got tired & bored. I brought him to play Fisher Price toys at Kiddy Palace. He was so excited pushing all the buttons and wanted to pull all the toys towards him! Woah.. there was a big box that almost fall on thim since he keeps pulling.. the box was really BIG.. so scary.. Lucky this mommy is fast at reacting.. kekekekek.. During shopping at NTUC session, he wants to sleep while being carried. And Nai2 insisted that she wanted to carry Vio home. Must be very tiring.. Imagine carrying a 9kg+ baby walking around!

By the time we're back from JP, it was surprisingly already 2:30pm! Initially pi wanted to bring them to Sentosa that evening, but since they're already tired, they decided to just go to Chinese Garden... I didn't want to go. I was feeling tired liao. They're so strong hor! And somemore they want to bring Vio with them.

That night, Vio didn't sleep well.. I think he was tooooo tired from going 2 places in a day. He cried for few times and woke us up :( And.. as usual.. he keeps turning and turning with his foot always ended on top of my tummy.. haha..

On a sidenote, Vio is getting faster in getting up to sitting position! Such a smart boy.. And he can also wave "bye-bye" now... Isn't it cuteeeee? *Sigh* I wish he will always be THIS cute! =)

And another very cute thing that Vio did this weekend.. he loves to purposely cover his face using any fabric (anything! his clothes, selendang) and suddenly un-cover it and he'll laugh happily! He's playing peek-a-boo using his own hands! Lift hand up (cover his face), put hand down (uncover his face) and laugh.. He looks super cuteeeeee...

[caption id="attachment_267" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Family Photo"]Family Photo[/caption]

And here's a photo taken of Vio and daddy!

[caption id="attachment_268" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="with daddy"]with daddy[/caption]


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