22 May 2009


This is my first official post here =)

Today I'm very sleepy.. and that's because our dearest baby woke up for dunno how many times last night! My hubby said Vio woke up every hour.. but i honestly can't remember.. hahaa.. I guess I was too sleepy and blur while carrying him to sleep and feeding him. I hope he can sleep well tonight!

Today is my sis in law 26th bday. We have prepared a little gift for her. Hope that she likes it. I'll buy a cake on the way home for us to celebrate her bday. Hmmm.. I'm planning to buy the cake from Sweet Secrets from International Plaza.. the cakes there are simply delicious! I still remember that I like their tiramisu and cheese cakes.. I wonder which one should I buy later.. *stomach growling*  Anyway it's 25 more mins to weekend!! Yippie! Have a nice weekend everybody :D


wie said...

thank u so much for every thing...
i like all of them very much ^_^

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