26 May 2009

Savio's First Solid Food

Initially we planned to give Vio first solid food at 6 months, as recommended by doctor.. but lately he refuses to drink milk.. yesterday he even only drink milk in the morning! The rest of day he only drink at most 20ml or so. We're worried that he's not getting enough nutrition, so last night decided to give him his first solid food.

I haven't prepared anything for this. Haven't bought any cutlery set for him, the rice cereal also I haven't bought. Lucky my gynae gave some sample from Nestle Brown Rice cereal.

First spoon in.. the rice cereal flows out together with the saliva.. haha.. we persisted and finally the whole bowl finished! But dunno whether going to his mouth or his bibs.. hahaa.. but at least he seems to like it.. since his tongue keeps licking.. 1 thing for sure, he loves the snoopy bowl we used, coz he keep wanting to grab it from my hand.. :D

I didn't bring any photo of last night session to office yet.. Will upload some photos when I do =)

Here comes the photo!

[caption id="attachment_27" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Yummy!"]Yummy![/caption]


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