25 May 2009

Monday again

Weekend has just passed.. but it was a great one! Savio was very cute on weekend.. he likes to smile and play with his saliva.. he can actually blow the saliva out til very far u know haha.. hmm.. ok daddy is teaching him a bad thing here.. =)

yeniffer also came for a visit on sat, vio was so happy playing with someone "new". He amazed auntie yenn with his legs which were kicking so fast! just like in a race.

I also managed to finish Color Challenge #1 (it's an online scrapbook class I joined, together with other fellow forumers from SingaporeMotherhood). It was really fun and difficult at the same time. I spent HOURS doing it, but overall quite happy with the result even though it's quite simple.

[caption id="attachment_14" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Good Friends"]Good Friends[/caption]

I was using the photo that I want to scrap since long ago.. the photo was taken on our "vain" xmas photoshoot end of 2007. I remember it was so difficult to take this photo! We were using Budiman's camera which was put on the road side and in the end.. he forgot that his camera was set to a low resolution! dotz.. anyway the result is quite good..


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