14 June 2012

In Love with Coloring (Prismacolor and Sansodor)

I'm simply in love with coloring (and stamps) right now!

I recently bought a set of prismacolor pencils (after my previous Luna watercolor pencils set being completely destroyed and thrown around by my 2 angels). I had read that this seems to be the best color pencil around. They're not cheap, though. But I don't regret this purchase for even a little bit now!

The first time I'm coloring (and blending with sansodor and paper stumps), somehow the result didn't turn out to be nice. I had some difficulty on the blending part. Though I had made sure that the stumps are wet with sansodor, the color didn't seem to blend nicely. What have I done wrong? Or did the ebay seller I bought the pencil from sell the fake prismacolor? :p

Hours of reading online tutorial later, I went home and try coloring with the new "knowledge" that I've gained from the online tutorials. And voila! I can color it nicely! Well, at least I think that it looks nice (with gradient colors and all).

Not too bad for a beginner ya? I quite like the "shades" of the bear. I used 3 different shades of the pencil.

And here's one more:

I kinda think that the cat is such a cutie (after I color it)... Ooooooo.. I'm just soooooooo happy now that I can color (quite) nicely.. Haha...

Some tips for successful coloring:
  1. Color one area first and blend with sansodor. Once done, add a darker shade, and blend again with sansodor. And after that, add yet another darker shade and blend again (in circular motion, pushing towards the center). It is recommended to use 3 shades for each color
  2. While blending, do it at an angle. So you're blending with the sides of the stumps instead of the pointy tip of the stumps. This was my previous mistake! I thought that I should use the tip of the stumps! Once I use the sides of the stumps, the blending works like magic!


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