12 June 2012

A card for sweet baby boy

Just to share a card recently made for sweet baby Collin that just arrives at the world! We went to visit him over the weekend.

The card was made using my Silhouette machine (which I still love very much, but still wishing that it's a cameo instead. It will be perfect if it can cut 12" paper so that I don't need to trim all the papers down to fit! I feel that all the trimmed papers are kinda "wasted"..)

Anyway... the card was supposed to be a moon-shaped card... Does it look like a moon?? Haha I surely hope so! I got the inspiration from my new book: "Card Sketches for Paper Crafters" (that I got at Paper Market at 50% off! Yippyyy!) and I just love love love that book! I won't be running out of idea soon! ;)  And of course, the card is covered with washi-tapes. With recent "craziness" of washi tapes (which resulted in rolls and rolls and rolls of tapes I have now), I better find a way to use them!


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