10 January 2012

Caitlyn Month 8: Crawling

At 8 months, Caitlyn is pretty good at crawling! She started crawling at 7.5 months, which is considered very fast (as compared to Vio who started crawling at 9 months!). And she crawled correctly! (as in.. the same way as other babies.. LOL) Her tummy is fully off the floor, and she gets faster and faster in crawling. Though sometimes she still tumble and fell down.. :p

She also LOVES to eat. And still hating bottles.. sigh.. so we fed her milk using spoon!

And.. a bad habit of her.. If i'm not around, when it's her nap time, do you know how they make her sleep? By..... biscuits!! Or banana! Seems like her source of comfort is still her mouth. So she can actually fall asleep while eating (her mouth is munching something).. Hahaha isn't that cute!

Oh.. and another things... she has 2 teeth now!! The bottom middle ones are out! Heee..


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