09 June 2011


Vio's way of thinking is getting more and more logical each day. Sometimes it's amazing to see how much he actually understands things and knowing how to reply to our questions.

When his favorite soft toy (hippo) was being washed and not there to accompany him in the bedtime, pi was asking him:
Daddy: vio, where's hippo?
Vio: swimming
Daddy: huh? Swimming? Where?
Vio: in the bathroom
Daddy: Huh? Show daddy!

Vio then quickly ran to the bathroom and pointing to the pail, saying "there! There!" And hippo was really there, swimming in soapy water inside the pail! What a smart boy..

His fave word lately is "buy?" lol.. when we don't have something that he was asking for, he'll ask us to buy for him! Tsk! I wonder who teach him that..
Vio: tennis ball mana?
Mommy: we don't have tennis ball
Vio: buy? (with hopeful tone)

And he can talk few short sentences at 1 go to. Fo example, when I'm playing with him and Caitlyn is sleeping in her day bed, but starting to move and about to cry. So I'll rock the daybed and hoping that shell sleep again. Vio will be upset and say "mommy, baby still sleeping! No disturb baby!"


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