30 June 2011

Caitlyn 2 Month: Chatter

At 2 months old, Caitlyn likes to make very cute baby sound: goo goo.... ga gaaaa.... it's sooo cute... And we can see that she's much more of a chatter than her big brother... Ah well, she's a girl after all.. lol...
Caitlyn 2 month
Caitlyn 2 month
Don't you think she looks so cute? She's definitely getting chubbier ;)


Oh, here's a photo of mommy and vio with Caitlyn. Lately Vio likes to make ugly faces, I think he learns it from his friends at school :(  You can see that he purposely make his eyes to look all white :(


[caption id="attachment_2162" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="mommy. vio, and caitlyn"]mommy. vio, and caitlyn[/caption]



w said...

kemaren vio minta gendong..kayana dia masih inget terus lom kesampean..tolong yah na..hehehe..minta 2 x tp pas dede nya nangis terus..

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