20 February 2012

Caitlyn 10 Months

At 10 months old, Caitlyn can stand on her 2 feet without support! And she can also sit down from standing position. It's really amazing to see those 2 chubby legs can stand on her own!

She has yet to start cruising, though. But cruising started right after she's 10 months old.

She's also getting more active, and smarter too. When we ask her where's the lamp, she can look up at the lamp. And she also knows her name, by now.

Her fave soft toy is "Julia" which is given by Auntie Allie. Everynight before she goes to bed, she'll hug and kiss Julia first (amongst all other soft toys she has). It's just soooo cute! Just that after she sleeps, she will throw Julia away.. LOL..

And she still LOVES to eat. Even right after she has finished her meal, if she sees someone with a plate, she'll quickly come and say "mamam.. mamam.. mamam..." such a small tummy yet can eat so many things!


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